Aurora’s design. Reviving Capri arts and crafts


There is something Capri island is known for other than its stunning natural wonders, delicious food, thousand years history and warm hospitality.  That is to say, craftsmanship.

Tiles, tableware, crockery. Hand-made objects used in the past to perform everyday activities, which are today produced and shipped all around the world to satisfy the need for unique pieces of design of the most refined audience.

Aurora revived such a glorious tradition creating her own collection of artisanal tableware. These simple, yet elegant objects reinterpret in a modern guise the Mediterranean decor once adorning Capri’s old houses and mansions.

This tradition Aurora serves along with her delicate cuisine. A perfect pair that plays a key role in the construction of Aurora’s unique vibe.

Everything starts from Mia D’Alessio intuitions, which are in turn developed by local artisans, who manufacture every single plate and glass. These latter are then manually painted in the town of Vietri – renowned for the famous ceramics – by local women.

Every item features different pattern and colours. The idea is to create something exclusive and unique. A piece of Aurora, as well as Capri’s, to bring back home to live again and again the chic, yet delicate atmosphere of both the restaurant and the island.

Objects to collect and play with, which add a fancy touch to, say, a dinner with friends at one’s own place. Creations to display based on one’s state of mind, as Mia herself does in her house. Special gifts, as each item is registered and cannot be reproduced by no one but Aurora.





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