3D printed pasta and in vitro-grown meat. Aurora stands for Made in Italy.

Aurora Capri

3D printed pasta and synthetic hamburgers. These are the topics that have been recently discussed at Bologna University’s Future Food Urban Coolab.

Mark Post, the inventor of Frankenburger, the new meatball produced with in vitro grown cells, explained how this method is able to supply the whole planet with animal proteins without exploiting its resources.

While this is true, the question remains whether there are alternative ways to guarantee such an outcome without losing soul. Meaning, when it comes to countries such as Italy, a complex heritage made of culture, traditions, economy and professional assets.

In a recent interview, Alessandro Squeri, president of Federalimentare, the Italian Agroindustrial Federation, explains that Italy cannot afford to treat food like bolts. According to Mr. Squeri, there is a way to innovation that is capable of bringing together tradition and innovation in such a way as not to lose that complex of artisanal know-how and expertise that has always constituted the backbone of Italian economy.

Aurora’s cuisine is about a very distinctive blend of tradition and innovation. Innovation lying in new ways of combining ingredients and presenting dishes.

Ingredients are, in fact, at the core of all this. A constant search for local, top-quality produce to convey the flavours and artisanal knowledge that characterise the history and culture of areas of production. Such flavours, knowledge, history and cannot be reproduced and this is what makes them unique.

Here it lies the real meaning of ‘luxury’ and ‘exclusivity’ when it comes to gastronomy. This is the meaning of Aurora’s cuisine and gastronomical culture.

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