What is Aurora? Aurora is a restaurant in Capri, that is for sure. But there is something more than this. Aurora is an atmosphere to live and breathe.

A way of conceiving food and gastronomy that reflects a whole world made of people, stories and experiences, who have been building the myth of Capri since the beginning of the XX century.

This world eventually came to be known as La Dolce Vita. So much a delicate world that words might risk of breaking its magic. So much a beautiful world not to be told.

Aurora has been the centre of all this. At first as a small restaurant on the slope of mount Castiglione: a kind of a shelter where the very first prominent personalities and visitors that landed on Capri’s rocky shores could find a place to savour local delicacies.

After the WWII as  the must-to-be destination in the heart of Capri town. From the writer Alberto Moravia to the fashion designer Valentino, everyone wanted to sit at one of Aurora’s tables.

What did they looked for? Genuineness. Simplicity. Genuineness and simplicity that were, and still are, synonymous with a sort of an elegant, luxury gastronomy – luxury being about quality and quality the main feature of Aurora’s cuisine. For this is, in fact, based on the quest for unique and original ingredients and on a constant research on how to combine them as to produce the best outcome ever in terms of texture and flavour.

Add to all this conviviality, a feel-like home and at the same time glamorous vibe, and we have Aurora.  A world-wide brand, an experience to live and breathe, made of gastronomy, a fancy and relaxed atmosphere, and a longstanding culture of hospitality that is capable to beautifully blend tradition and innovation.