Tradition, Innovation, Quality, Presentation. Interview to Chef Franco, part 2

Aurora Capri

Authenticity, tradition, quality, presentation, innovation. That’s Aurora’s formula to success.

There is so much talking about the relationship between innovation and tradition when it comes to food. We can certainly say that Aurora is a leading authority in the field. There is some examples to combine these two concept you can give us?

Bream fillet in potato crust. This dish was kind of invented 20 years ago. At the time, the bream used to be filleted at the table and it was cooked in ‘Acqua Pazza’. I decided to cook it differently. That is to say, filleted, covered with a thin potato crust and then cooked in the oven. A very simple, yet delicate dish. Aurora was the first restaurant on the island to employ this technique.

As simple as tradition prescribes.

Yes. In fact, ingredients are not processed and/or treated in any way, while the crust is made of one of the ‘poorest’ ingredients on Earth: potatoes.

Is there any other example you can give us?

Sure. Rise tart with shrimps and curry sauce. A sort of ‘unconventional’, but at the same time very simple dish. The concept is here is to give local gastronomical culture an exotic flavour. Thus, we decided to add curry to the otherwise traditional rise with shrimps.


Aurora Capri


Top quality ingredients for very simple dishes, then.

Exactly. And this is true for both, say, the Bream fillet in potato crust and the Caprese salad. The mozzarella cheese we use is produced in a small family-run cheese factory. By the same token, we grow our own tomatoes in our own garden. This approach allows us to satisfy everyone’s needs and at the same time maintain high-quality standards.

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