Month: May 2018

Tradition, Innovation, Quality, Presentation. Interview to Chef Franco, part 2

Aurora Capri

Authenticity, tradition, quality, presentation, innovation. That’s Aurora’s formula to success. There is so much talking about the relationship between innovation and tradition when it comes to food. We can certainly say that Aurora is a leading authority in the field. There is some examples to combine these two concept you can give us? Bream fillet …

Pizzallacqua®. When Simplicity becomes a Brand.

Aurora Capri

Pizza all’Acqua. Or we might also say Pizzallacqua®: Aurora’s own pizza, a registered brand now renowned all around the world. There is no English word to actually convey the meaning of Pizzallacqua®. In fact, Pizzallacqua® is not just a pizza. For it reflects Aurora’s genuine way of interpreting gastronomy and hospitality, as well as the glamorous atmosphere of Capri …

Vanilla and dark chocolate ice cream. Simple, yet elegant

Aurora Capri

Vanilla and dark chocolate ice cream. There is nothing simpler than that. Something that tastes like carefree childhood, isn’t it? Simplicity is what Aurora does. The restaurant’s main dish. Still, simplicity is not ‘just’ simplicity here at Aurora’s, as it is always combined with elegance and beauty. Genuineness and originality. Tradition and innovation. This is …