Glamorous, yet informal. Elegant, yet simple. Aurora’s atmosphere.

Less is more, the paradigm of Aurora’s cuisine. In the same way as Modern Architecture, where the principle ‘less is more’ originated, Aurora’s gastronomical culture is about simplicity. Simplicity as a means to tell a story.

Aurora’s story started at the end of the XIX century, when Capri island came to prominence as a primary destination for intellectuals, writers, painters and, sometimes, rebels. Think for example of the Russians Bolsheviks who came here at the beginning of the XX century to talk about the Russian revolution to be, or the English novelist Oscar Wilde, who hugely challenged Victorian sensibilities.

On the mount known as ‘Castiglione’ because of the stronghold built on the top 700 hundred years before at least, Mr. Pietro D’Alessio and his wife Mariagrazia De Luca opened a small restaurant, where travellers could savour local delicacies in a warm and friendly environment.

Twenty years later the restaurant moved to its present location, in the heart of Capri’s historic village. It was just a matter of time before Capri became internationally renowned as a place for La Dolce Vita.

Aurora became the privileged hangout for those who came to the island to breathe, live and experience the dreamy atmosphere of the 1950s and the 1960s. A vibrant vibe, an unspeakable joie di vivre that the restaurant perfectly embodied. Aurora became one of La Dolce Vita’s icons.

The restaurant is still today synonymous with the Capri Way of Life, adding to this its peculiar touch. We are talking about a very unique and unreplicable blend of modernity and tradition. A blend that is perfectly mirrored by both the menu – which is simple, but nevertheless constructed upon the quest for the finest ingredients to be found; and vibe: an elegant, yet informal atmosphere which feels like home and where there is always something to celebrate.




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