A quest for excellence leading to the Langhe

Aurora Capri

Quest for excellence: Aurora’s mission. A quest leading to Piedmont, more precisely to the Langhe, the land of wine and truffle. For those who may not know it, the Langhe is the realm of Gaja, one of the most renowned wineries founded in 1859 in the Barbaresco area.

Gaja has since then been synonymous with the production of Barbaresco. Nebbiolo and Gaja & Rey being among the most important wines the firm is famous for.

Based on a longstanding friendship, Gaja winery is one of the destinations of Aurora’s journey through Italy. The purpose of this journey being tasting and selecting the finest and most prestigious wines being produced.

Aurora Capri

Sorì Tildin, Costa Russi and San Lorenzo: exclusive wines that Gaja produces in very small quantities, which are part of Aurora’s wine list.

This year tour also led Aurora where Monfortino is produced. A firm founded by Giacomo Conterno in 1920 to create a Barolo to have the greatest aeging potential.

Monfortino is today so one of the most prominent Barolo wines. So precious that is almost impossible to find it both in Italy and abroad, as no more than 20,000 bottles are placed on the market.

Aurora Capri

A two-stage tour to discovering the gastronomical culture of such a rich region, which is not made of wine only, but of truffles as well. The second part of the journey, starting in Fall, in fact, is about finding and collecting the finest quality of truffles in order to answer the needs for such a distinctive element of Italian cuisine of the most refined tastes.


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